Term & Conditions of Business

Terms & Conditions of Business

Any and all vehicles left at Autocare Testing Centre Huddersfield will be subject to our Conditions of Business below.

The Conditions of Business

The Title of any good or service is not transferred to the client until all the money is received and all checks are cleared. Nothing contained herein is designed or will affect the legal rights of a client.

  • 1.       We are not responsible if you leave vehicle outside in the car park without our knowledge,
  • 2.       You must collect the car within 48hours when work has been done, otherwise there will be £10 per day storage charge added to your final bill. Unless otherwise agreed to use priory.
  • 3.       All repairs must be paid in full when vehicle is collected.
  • 4.       Customers are not allowed in work area. They can wait in our waiting area while work is being carried out. If for any reason you are in our workshop, company is not responsible for any injuries may occur.
  • 5.       We have priority to the precooked vehicles, you are welcome to come in without appointment and if you we do have space available, we will fix it straight away or else we have to book it in for a different day.
  • 6.       Under these conditions ("We", "We", "Our") will mean Autocare Testing Center Huddersfield also known as ACTC and "Customer" means the person or agency by or on behalf of whom this form is signed or directed at. the back of this document.
  • 7.       When we contract to carry out any Diagnostic Operation by name, our responsibility will be limited to carrying out the work that the manufacturer prescribes from time to time as part of the scope of such operation.
  • 8.       All contracts with us will be valid and binding only if they are made in writing on our Work Instructions sheet (work card) and will be subject to these conditions and not to any other. We can subcontract to other companies through which Autocare Testing Center will abide by its commercial terms. There must be a contract when and only when our Workshop Instructions Form has been signed by or on behalf of the Customer or verbal agreement has been reached. No variation of any contract will be valid unless agreed in writing and signed by or on behalf of the Client and us, unless verbal agreement has been made for the works and no means such as electronic mail can be provided. or fax to have a written confirmation of extra work to be done.
  • 9.       The Autocare Test Center and its workers and agents are expressly authorized by the Customer to use the vehicle or vehicles referenced on the road and in any other place for all purposes related to the Service and the Repair of the same.
  • 10.   All sums owed to us in connection with the Service or Repair Operations performed on the vehicle or vehicles referenced on the reverse side will be payable when said operations are completed and the customer has been notified on the back or not, that the vehicle or vehicles are ready for collection. Unless otherwise agreed, all payments to us will be made before the vehicle or vehicles delivered to the Customer and in cash or card, not by check.
  • 11.   The Client acknowledges that we have a legal lien on any vehicle or vehicles that remain for the Inspection or Repair of the Service and on the accessories or contents thereof for all the money that the client owes us in any account.
  • 12.   Subject to the provisions of the Unfair Contract Terms Act of 1977 and any modification of the vehicles, accessories and contents of the vehicle components are entirely at your own risk. Under no circumstances will we be liable for the loss or damage of the same or for the delay in completing the service or repairs at any time and whether due to an act or breach of our part in our service agents or otherwise.
  • 13.   If, after the date of any contract entered into subject to these commercial conditions, but before the Customer makes the payment, the list prices of the parts supplied will increase, the contract price will increase accordingly despite the terms of any estimate or quote. may have given
  • 14.   We will provide a satisfactory level of service. We do not guarantee that any of the parts we fit will be suitable for another use other than the general use of that part. We do not accept any liability, except to the extent that the Unfair Contract Terms Act of 1977 imposes liability on us.
  • 15.   The work performed as specified on the back is warranted against defective repairs for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first, as of the date of completion of the work. This does not intend to affect your legal rights.
  • 17.   All agreements entered into between us and the Client, or as stipulated by the Unjust Contract Terms Act of 1977 or similar Legislation, Regulations and Directives, are personal to the Client, who shall not assign his rights or responsibilities under of an agreement subject to these conditions
  • 18.   If, in our reasonable opinion, the operations to be performed by the Customer can not be carried out without the vehicle being washed or cleaned or a part of it, the cost of such washing or cleaning will be borne by the Customer as if it was the same. It had been specifically ordered by him.
  • 19.   If the Client declares bankruptcy or insolvency or makes an agreement with the creditors or suffers that an administrator of its effects be appointed or a corporate body enters into liquidation other than for the purpose of the merger or reconstruction, we will have the right to terminate the contract. Any agreement with the Client subject to these conditions and in the future will cease to have any other obligation under the contract, and the price of all work performed and the goods and services provided by us will be immediately payable.
  • 20.   Autocare Testing Center may, at its discretion, charge for any research work performed.
  • 21.   All original parts installed by Autocare Testing Center will be covered by the parts warranty procedure as set out in the manufacturer's terms and conditions. (Available upon request).
  • 22.   Any item left in the car is at your own risk.
  • 23.   The vehicle must be left with enough fuel so that our technicians can complete the repairs requested and the collection and delivery service (if requested). We will charge £ 2.50 per liter for adding fuel to complete the requested tasks.
  • 24.   It is the owner's responsibility not to drive the vehicle if warning lights or signs of trouble appear that could damage the vehicle or compromise safety.
  • 25.   We may from time to time contact you by email and send you updates about our services.
  • 26.   Images of your vehicle can be taken and used for advertising purposes.
  • 27.   All MOT rules and regulations are displayed on the MOT bulletin board. MOT test fees may apply
  • 28.   All removed parts will be discarded. If you need the old parts, you must inform us BEFORE the repair.
  • 29.   If you do not pay your bill, we reserve the right to transfer your information to a collection agency to recover the outstanding debt.
  • 30.   During the repair of your vehicle, we may have to disconnect the vehicle's battery. It is your responsibility to make sure you have all the necessary security codes to allow any component to work. For example the radio.

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